Producer, Director and Editor John Cox:


John Cox creates on screen entertainment.  From still photography to web, television and film, John has over a decade of professional experience.  His news and entertainment shows include “Eye on Entertainment” and Vtalk Television.  He also makes web series, including “The Alien’s Wife” and “Cloud 9”, and he has produced written and performed in several children’s television series, including “The StoryLady’s Magic Book” and “The Crazy World of Billy Rabbit”. Certain that the best shows come from a personal vision, John writes, shoots and edits as much as possible.  His other passions include still photography, and you will frequently meet him in the press line at major events around the world, including the Cannes Film Festival in 2015 and 2016.  John is the CEO and founder of Polymedia Entertainment at:  Please visit:


Producer Renah Wolzinger:


Renah has been in the media business for over 20 years, as film maker, professional musician, and Digital Media professor.  She has produced numerous films and records, and continues to perform live music playing both clarinet and bass guitar.  She is the CEO and founder of RenZone Productions at:

As a scholar, Renah is a national expert on industry credentials, educational data systems and Career and Technical Education.  She is the Statewide Technical Assistance Provider for Data Tools – California Community Colleges.  Renah is a national speaker and published author in the areas of Career and Technical Education and Higher Education Leadership.  She is a doctoral candidate at CSU Fullerton and expects to complete her degree in Higher Education Leadership in 2017. Find out more about Renah at:


Guest Host Stan Goodrich:


Stanley Goodrich plays Fitch in the “Alien’s Wife” series. Fitch, a recurring character, is an FBI agent who is convinced that an alien survived the Roswell crash. Goodrich’s full-time profession is that of Public Relations Manager for a computer software company.  He is a graduate of UC Berkeley, where he received both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.  He is the former editor of Computer Magazine and writes press releases for Eye on Entertainment.  Stan also writes a column for a Palm Springs publication about “The Golden Age of Hollywood”.  Please visit Stan’s IMDb page at: